Service Overview

Two types of maintenance services, X maintenance and X maintenance Pro, are offered to our customers. X maintenance service covers basic operational inspections as speedily as possible and X maintenance pro service covers various performance checks and detailed inspections.

X Maintenance

X maintenance service offered covers image sensor cleaning, camera and lens exterior cleaning, operational check for each component, and firmware version update (if applicable).

X Maintenance Pro

In addition to “X Maintenance” service items, “X maintenance Pro” service covers verification of shutter counts and other consumable parts, shooting performance checks and detailed optical performance inspection.

Eligible Products

Those services are accepted only for eligible FUJIFILM products.

Eligible Products

Eligible Products Service Fee (Excluding Tax)
X Maintenance Mirrorless Digital Camera GFX Series ¥3,000
X Series ¥2,000
Compact Digital Camera X Series ¥2,000
Interchangeable Lens G Mount ¥1,000
X Mount ¥700
X Maintenance Pro Mirrorless Digital Camera GFX Series ¥4,500
X Series ¥3,000
Compact Digital Camera --- ---
Interchangeable lens G Mount ¥4,500
X Mount ¥3,000

The service fee charges regardless of the warranty period.

The service fee is for one camera or one lens.

Camera & Lens Maintenance Services


Items Description X Maintenance X Maintenance Pro
Clean image sensor Cleaning surface of sensor protect glass
Clean camera body Cleaning of camera body and checking the condition
Clean mount and viewfinder Cleaning of camera mount and finder as well as performance inspection
Check LCD monitor(*) Inspection of brightness and display of LCD monitor
Check sub-LCD monitor Inspection of brightness and display of sub-LCD monitor
Check Moving Parts(Switches, Dials, Buttons) Performance check for each switch, dial and button.
Check terminal area (*) Checking battery and card slot contacts
Check Camera/Lens communication Checking camera lens communication and cleaning contact points
Verify shutter count(*1) Verification of shutter counts
Verify Firmware Verification of firmware version and update (if applicable)
Check AE exposure performance Checking auto exposure for program shift performance -
Check internal/external flash Checking firing flash -
Inspect wireless communication Checking remote shooting operations -
Check video recording Checking video/audio recording and playing back on LCD monitor -
Check Level (Horizontal Inspection) Checking accuracy of electronic level -
Check shutter performance Checking shutter speed -
Check consumption current Checking consumption current at power on/off -

For compact digital camera, only (*) mark is checked.

*(1) The maintenance items may not be applied for some models.


Items Description X Maintenance X Maintenance Pro
Clean lens surface Cleaning of front and rear lens surface
Clean lens exterior Cleaning of lens exterior and checking conditions
Check lens mount Cleaning and checking for contact points on camera and leans
Check AF performance Standard inspection for Auto focus (AF) performance
Check aperture performance Standard performance for aperture ring and blades
Check switch performance Inspection for each switch performance
Verify firmware Verification of firmware version and update (if applicable)
Check OIS function Inspection of Optical Image stabilization (OIS) performance -
Check resolution performance Checking resolution on testing chart -
Check optical performance Comprehensive check for optical performance -
Check ring torque Measurement for ring torque rotation -

Inspection items may be subject to change due to the camera/lens specifications.

The warranty does not apply for X maintenance/X maintenance pro.

Upon X maintenance and X maintenance Pro service, we may recommend you further repair services with our estimation, if any damages are found on your camera and lens. Even if you do not precede the repair service, we charge the maintenance fees.

How to request

Please bring your products to FUJIFILM Imaging Plaza.

The time required

The service for X maintenance and X maintenance pro is normally completed on same day or following business day for returning your products.

Depending on the number of products and the volume, it may require additional time.

If you request to return your products by parcel delivery service, please allow additional delivery days.


The list of service is subjective to change without notice.